Dirty Spank is a site that promises to transport you to the amazing and wonderful world of extreme pleasure and satisfaction. What's more, you are claimed to be invited into the reality spy cam spanking with only real girls, not models.

So I began my journey from the free tour. It stated that the site had tons of spanking videos and photos regularly updating with even hotter and dirtier scenes. Well, it sounded good enough so I didn't waste any second and clicked the Members' Area willing and being ready to enjoy all the goodies on the agenda. Clicking the Members button you get a pop-up window asking your username and password, so the process itself is rather easy and never latens you from joining the content.

Speaking about the Members' Area of Dirty Spank, I should say that its navigation is rather easy, and it was the fact that counted to me. Another great thing that I liked about its main content page is that there you have some site news, some network news and a little description of the latest and upcoming updates. Well, to be in touch with the situation felt great to me!

I clicked the content button and was pleasingly surprised to find both picture and video content which is really impressive, if you ask me. But once I started getting more and more excited by the galleries, they suddenly came to the end. Huh! 22 picture galleries (also available in Zip files) and about 30 video downloaded in AVI and MPEG formats are doubtlessly good but not enough for such a site as Dirty Spank. The scenes were all exclusive and the girls looked pretty, but frankly speaking, I've seen much stricter punishment with real tears of pain whilst these pics and clips looked like the girls had a great fun from the action.

Anyway, that doesn't mean that the site isn't worth joining, because it's sure is! All lovers of hot and horny dominating and spanking action will find something interesting because the site offers a wide variety of different Dirty Spank action going on in various places. I also checked out the promised updates and was very surprised to see that they update rather frequently for you not to feel bored.

This is not the best spanking site I've ever seen, but it's pretty good featuring the wild action where nasty girls get their deserved punishment in the view of some cruel spanking. In my opinion they don't have enough footage at the present time, but taking into account the network coming up soon, it will become worth the price.

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