This lucky guy dared give up his job and went out to the world of the horniest sex adventures that very often turn into the wild hardcore in public places. What he wants to do is nothing but to find hot women everywhere he can and fuck the shit out of them. You are going to see the girls working on his dick while he is shooting them POV and by hidden camera. Incredible actions!

"New babe every other day" - this is the motto of this guy's life, so he tries to keep this image and really gives some videos that are meant to prove his life style at Fucked By Me. I liked the site's navigation and design especially if you think that it's run by only one person, who by the way shoots the videos and submits them here. The site looks rather compatible to all the other sites with the similar idea.

Clicking the main content link I immediately got to the section that offered about 60 videos lasting about 23-25 minutes each. Let me tell you about the quality of the movies first. They seem to be ok, not superb, I would say, but ok. They can be downloaded in AVI or Quick Time formats. Each video is advertised by five pictures and a short description that will give you the clear impression of what this series is about.

Proceeding with the content characteristics, I won't say that I was absolutely satisfied, in fact I wasn't satisfied at all. It would be right to say that the degree of my disappointment was much higher than the degree of my satisfaction. The girls in the movies are doubtlessly great, they are hot and horny, they have incredibly shaped bodies. In some cases they are boozed, and they are always absolutely shameless! I think they need much more attention in the sexual way than they get from this sex maniac with camera. The action is great in some movies, but there are moments when even the hardcore session becomes boring because the guy got tired, or boozed, or his cock was not ready enough for such a fuck marathon. Well, maybe it was the very concept of the site? Who knows?

This is a good site for those who are not very sure about their men's power and strength. With this site you will see how easy it is to pick up a cute girl in the street and to talk her into the wildest fuck session. The idea is splendid, but I think the site needs more exciting content.

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